3 reasons why we should give flowers – There are many reasons to give flowers; in a world where daily stress constantly leaves a mark on our state. Relaxation becomes a mission; and small occasional j3 reasons why we should give flowersoys are a powerful source of positive energy.

Of course, because we love flowers, we find thousands of reasons to offer them. Flowers are a constant generator of good mood; relaxation; bring joy and they are the occasional little joy that fill you with energy.

The positive emotional effects of flowers are constantly studied by researchers interested in brain reactions to positive stimuli such as receiving or offering a bouquet of flowers; going from happiness to eliminating stress.

The reasons are:

1. Joy is amplified by surprise

Because the person in question does not expect to receive flowers, she will experience emotions and feelings surged by surprise.Studies show that surprises are kept in remembrance for a longer period of time, so they are more likely to remember the flowers received at any time than those received on special occasions.

2. A prolonged well-being

Because the flowers will last for at least a week after the surprise (of course, if you choose fresh flowers from a serious florist), the recipient will enjoy every time she sees them; because she remembers how surprised she was and excited when the courier appeared with a special bouquet for her.

3. The joy of receiving flowers equals the one of offering

Sure, it looks like a cliche, but when it comes to the surprise of a bouquet of flowers; when you hear the joy and emotion of her voice, you will surely be excited.And then, when you meet for the first time after sending flowers without reason; you will see the brilliance in her eyes when she will embrace you with enthusiasm.