7 things you didn’t know about hydrangea flowers

7 things you didn’t know about hydrangea flowers – It is said that hydrangea gained popularity after a Japanese prince; sent to his neglected lover a bouquet of generous Bulgarian hydrangeas to ask for forgiveness.In Europe; until the modern times; hydrangea was not necessarily among the favorite flowers of the people; especially in the Victorian era; but its elegance; the generous flowers and the surprising resistance have transformed it into one of the most requested wedding flowers.

7 things you did not know about hydrangea flowers

The 7 things are:

1.The period of flowering begins in the summer and extends until the middle of autumn, but some varieties bloom early in spring.

2.Hydrangea are water-dependent. They adore water and need water every day.

3.The scientific name;hydrangea; is of Greek origin and comes from “hydor” which means water.

4.Flowers of hydrangea can change colors according to soil acidity.

5.The fourth anniversary of marriage is considered the wedding of flowers and the hydrangea is part of the traditional gifts offered on this occasion.

6.Depending on its color, hydrangea can mean purity, love, sincerity, or vice versa and vanity.

7.Hydrangea flowers are among the most commonly used in bridal bouquets.