Bouquet of flowers Dreams

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The bouquet contains 21 flowers : tulips, freesias and flowers of limonium.



Bouquet of flowers Dreams

Bouquet of flowers Dreams – the bouquet contains 21 flowers

A gorgeous bouquet filled with tulips and freesias. The flowers of limonium provide the perfect finishing touch. The bouquet contains 21 flowers : tulips, freesias and flowers of limonium.

About freesias

Freesia is considered the symbol of the mystery. And that’s because it does not release its sweet and aging scent except in a friendly environment, both in temperature and humidity. Freesia is the flower of those born in the Sagittarius sign.

Freesia originates in southern Africa and was imported for the first time in Europe at the end of the 19th century.

Autumn is the best seedling season for bulbs. Freesias are flowers of patience. Present in all bouquets; matching all the flowers; they are delicate; fine and fragrant.

Freesia is a flower of mystery; precisely because it does not have a history of its own; although today it fascinates through its qualities.Perfect scent recommends it as a flower of nostalgia. Like a beautiful memory; freesia is the flower of memory.

We can give it to a dear friend, being the flowers of purity and good thinking. We can put them together with roses and we can give them to their loved ones. Possibilities are multiple.



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