Bouquet of carnations Thank You

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This bouquet of flowers contains 24 carnations

The flower packaging can be personalized.



Bouquet of carnations Thank You

Bouquet of carnations Thank You – The bouquet┬ácontains 24 pink carnations.

Vibrant and artistic, this beautiful and long-lasting bouquet consists of rich red carnations to create a classic Thank you occasion. The bouquet contains 24 pink carnations.

About carnations

Appreciated for centuries for color; luminosity and resistance; carnation is an unmistakable flower. Being as well known as the rose and having close meanings; this flower is present at most occasions over the year; but also in the world, be it ceremonies or holidays.

Depending on the species, carnations may have a pleasant smell or be odorless.

The scientific term of the carnation is Dianthus, which means the flower of the gods, the coronation, the crown, the carnation garlands offered in the sacred ceremonies! In Europe, the term becomes very well known during the Middle Ages. As we read in a Christian legend, the carnation appeared on the earth with the tears that the Mother of God poured at the feet of the cross of Jesus Christ.

In any case, the carnations are not flowers with double-personality; nor the expression of polite indifference. In some contexts, they may represent separation. All the carnations are the flowers of the memory of the missing ones.



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