Bouquet of flowers Be Happy

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The bouquet contains 21 flowers: roses and for decoration blue flowers.



Bouquet of flowers Be Happy

Bouquet of flowers Be Happy – the bouquet contains 21 flowers

White roses with gorgeous blue flowers for decoration, the perfect combination for the perfect girl.The bouquet contains 21 flowers: roses and blue flowers for decoration.

About roses

Rose is also known as the “King of Flowers,” and it is said the great wise ConfuciusĀ had over 600 books on how to care for the roses. Another legend says the rose adorns the garden of Eden and the suspended gardens of Semiramida.

Rose has always been appreciated for its beauty. The Greeks and Romans saw the symbol of love in the rose and thus associated it with the protective goddesses Aphrodite and Venus respectively. But the rose is not just the expression of love. Also in Rome, a wild rose was placed on the table where secret things were being discussed. In fact, the term “under the red” or “under the sign of the rose” means a secret to keep.

Rose is available in any color, except black. The colors usually range on red, pink, white and yellow themes in unique, incredible combinations.

Roses are used in the composition of perfumes and are some of the most effective ingredients used for anti-aging products.


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