Roses and their meanings

Roses and their meanings – Flowers allow us to express our feelings. Usually giving flowers to someone is a proof of appreciation.Roses and their meanings

Since ancient times, rose has been associated with the purest and most pleasant feeling, love. It helps us to express our chosen feelings and to show our appreciation for the loved one. Pleasure is amplified when the one who offers the roses and the one who receives them know their significance and around them is created a scented universe, filled with feelings and unspoken messages …

Rose is the expression of refinement and elegance, delicacy and subtlety, yet it is the flower that maintains the passion play. Words are superfluous when feelings are too strong. The velvety perfume and the color tones of the roses are the most beautiful compliments that any lady can receive.

The meaning of roses

Roses are in a multitude of colors and varieties and they send many messages. Which are these?

Red roses are among the top gentlemen’s preferences when choosing flowers to offer to ladies. The red variety signifies love, and through them the message is honest: I love you.

Pink roses mean refinement and delicacy, and the message it sends is admiration.

The meaning of yellow roses differs from one crop to another. If in the Orient they symbolize wisdom and friendship; in Europe, this variety has a negative meaning: jealousy or betrayal.

White roses are a symbol of purity, innocence and sincerity. But it can also symbolize goodbye.

Purple roses have been associated with royalty, and their significance consists in expressing feelings of appreciation and respect, as well as the feeling of loss or love at first glance.

The orange rose symbolizes enthusiasm, desire, passion and emotion.